Friday, December 08, 2006

Yoga Has Helped Us: Hamas

Hamas has categorically denied the existence of Israel. The Palestinian Prime minister Mr. Haniya said that he advocates this new change in him to Yoga and meditation. Now he only sees the good in life and refuses to see what he doesn't like. He has also stopped seeing his wife. And is also planing to make the biggest yoga and meditation center in the world right here.

What bought about this change in stance ? Mr. Haniya had a dream 3 days ago of a contoured body with legs wrapped around his head. He got up and checked the internet looked through the regular (ahem) news sites, but nothing. He was frustrated so he turned on the TV. And while switching channels he found this guy who looked a lot like the one in his dreams, It was B.K.S Iyengar the greatest Yoga master of our time.

A close associate in the government reported that they wanted to over throw Mr Haniya as he was going crazy trying to stand on his head all and asked his cabinet members to hold his feet up. But they soon realized that through meditation they could all just stop seeing Israel and that could work. Because they tried almost every thing else.

So thus began the greatest parliamentary yoga session known to modern society. Its a win win situation The Israelis are really happy.
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