Friday, December 01, 2006

New American Citizens Test Requirements

Name the last 30 American presidents arranged according to their Birth Months?

Name all the States and list them according to the number of Sky Scrapers?

These are just few of the countless easy tests the American government is imposing on the people trying to get citizenship. There is an anger in the air in most of the American towns as people feel they will be a minority in their own country if laws like these aren't repelled.

We spoke to some people on the street to record their voices.

"I don't want those F***ing Brazilians to cross my border and stay in our country.", Raymen halls.

"Just because Morocco shares a border with us doesn't mean they can cross it any time they want.", Patric

The law in its current form would also open the door for random police checks. If this law is passed you can expect a special arm of the Para military forces walking into your house and asking you Questions like "What is the total length of all the rivers in America ?" .
And failing to answer these simple questions would only mean you are not an American citizen.

"Go back immigrants the country is full", Bart Simpson
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