Saturday, November 25, 2006

Monument lease

Blog post from the future.
The year 2030

The government has has been pulled up by the supreme court. The court wanted to know where is the Gateway of India. The judiciary became suspicious when Defiance the largest corporate in India. Air lifted the Gateway of India to keep it safe. This is not the 1st instance of corporates using the nations monuments for personal pleasure. Last year when the Elephanta caves were cordoned off for expansions. It re opened as the TAPA caves. Featuring many new sculptures of engineering feats and many new additions. Like the industrialist Ratan Tapa sculpture.

The island outside Mumbai the Ajanta caves has been taken over by Essel world. The amusement park group. This added to confusion of the people of Mumbai as any monument in Mumbai has at least 5 names. The people responded by boycotting all the monuments.

This entire problem is said to have arisen from Nov 2006, when the government decide to lease of the monuments.


Blogger kapil said...

Good one mushi... just give these guys (Corporates) what they really deserve... this is much better than the stupid news channel gimmics for cheap trps... keep hitting them with plain & simple 'truth'.

2:54 AM  

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