Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's this Green house Effect

The fuel Industry officials claimed that they don't know any thing about this Global warming and Green house effect. Industry Spokesman Mr Killjoy stated that this could be a ploy by the oil deficient countries to get oil for free. Or a terrorist ploy to do some thing. We are not sure. But we will get to the bottom of this. No terrorist out fit has been blamed yet

The Industry also claimed that they were never invited to any of the global summits for the environment. And they often claim that the Scientists hate them.
"All they want is free Petrol", said an Exon guy.

"Just leave us alone" ,One gas station attendant was heard saying.
He was waving his hands viciously trying to fight of a large number of eunuchs.

We are sure its not out of context.
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Blogger kapil said...

Nope, its not at all out of context... my blogging booker goes to... "I don't know" Some Zaphod Guy...

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